Top Poker Players to Follow on Twitch

Top Poker Players to Follow on Twitch

Twitch was created for video gamers and has grown into much more than that now. The live streaming platform lets people chat while they play their favourite games and watch others do so, too!

Lex Veldhuis - 'LexVeldhuis'

What would you say if I told you that there are now more ways than ever before to get your favourite entertainment? Well, thanks for asking! The streaming service has branched out into other walks of life, hosting talk shows and cooking competitions. But don’t worry; they’re not only focusing on video games anymore- because who doesn’t love a good bet or two during their leisure time?!

Streaming on Twitch is becoming more popular with online poker pros and talented new players who want to diversify their skills by broadcasting themselves playing the game. Some stream real-life tournaments, while others just playback through old videos for people around America or even all over the world!

With all these players, it’s important to find the select few that stand out in an increasingly crowded field. As Twitch poker streams continue improving and more people start following their favourite gamers on there – here are a few names you should watch for right now!